The Middle Rung (Documentary)

Meet three people who spend their days helping keep the federal government running smoothly. And find out how the demographic shifts that are changing the country might make it harder for them to keep delivering the services we count on.

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The Middle Rung (Documentary)

There are about 400,000 people working in Canada's federal public service. Together, they make up the largest single workforce in the country. Their demographics mirror Canadian society at large, so there are a lot of public servants retiring right now. And because of previous hiring patterns, that's become a problem ... one that could affect us all.

Julie Ireton has spent the last few months looking into the situation. She's a reporter with the CBC and she did her investigation into the public service as the 2010 Michener-Deacon Fellow. Her documentary, The Middle Rung first aired on The Current in December as part of our project Shift, on demographic change. If you want to hear more of that project, you can download the podcasts from our summer program called Shift: Stories Behind The Stats.

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We ended the show today with a preview of something you can hear next week on The Current when Anna Maria Tremonti will be back in this chair for a new season. She got the last word this morning.

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