Letters: Crime, Passwords & the Stock Market

It's mail day. We hear some of your thoughts on the stories we brought you this week, including our look at crime and punishment. We hear why one woman in St. John's has barred the windows in her home after a lifetime of rarely bothering to lock the front door. And it might just change the way she votes as well.

Part Two of The Current

Letters: Crime, Passwords & the Stock Market

It's Thursday and that means mail day at The Current. Piya Chattopadhyay, who will be hosting The Current for the next two weeks, joined Jim in studio today to help with letters.

Crime and Public: The Conservative government's tough on crime agenda received sharp criticism from the Canadian Bar Association this week. The lawyers say the policy will lead to prison overcrowding and drain funding from other important programs. Tuesday on The Current, we heard from both sides. We heard from Tim Powers, a conservative strategist and vice president of Summa Communications, and Anthony Doob, a criminologist at the University of Toronto.

One letter from Michael Symonds, of Toronto, argued that Tim Powers side-stepped the argument by turning to an emotional anecdote about his mother. So we took his advice and checked. Tim Powers' mom, Debbie Powers, joined us from St. John's, Newfoundland.

Stock market: Stock markets worldwide have been reacting to the downgrade of the United States' credit rating almost two weeks ago. The US was downgraded from Triple A for the first time ever by the credit rating agency Standard and Poor's. But as headlines warned of plunging stocks ... life went along pretty much as normal for most people. Monday on The Current, we heard from economist Jim Stanford who argues what happens on the markets has very little connection to ordinary people.

Passwords: You need a password for everything from your bank account to your online recipe box. But after a summer of stories about hacking, we wondered whether the password is merely a formality that offers no protection whatsoever. Markus Jakobsson is a security researcher and last Friday we asked him about the future of the password working on the internet. Today we heard from you.

Last Word - Mahatma Gandhi

We ended the show today with a slightly annoyed Mahatma Gandhi. A Fox Movietone news crew visited India in the early 1930's and claimed it filmed the first interview with the old man. The crew has something of a scoop, but as you'll hear, they really didn't have much to ask.

Other segment from today's show:

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