Hippie Physics

Before the 1960s, only poets thought about seeing the world in a grain of sand and holding infinity in their hands. But then, suddenly physicists were the daydreamers. A branch of science went from being almost at war with the universe -- to becoming one with it. We tell you how it all went down.

Part Two of The Current

Hippie Physics - David Kaiser

We started this segment with a clip from physicist Jack Sarfatti. Perhaps not as famous as Neils Bohr or Albert Einstein, but according to MIT Cosmologist David Kaiser, Sarfatti holds an important place in science history, too .... part of a group of New Age physicists in the 1970s who helped rescue physics from the doldrums.

Kaiser writes about how these groovy big-time thinkers and their big ideas drove a revival of quantum theory in his new book How the Hippies Saved Physics. He joined us from Boston.

Hippie Physics - David Harrison

So, a science once dominated by slide rules became dominated by people who let the rules slide. Our next guest was part of the movement and makes an appearance in Kaiser's book.

David Harrison is a senior lecturer of physics at the University of Toronto where he created a course called The Zen of Physics. David joined us in our Toronto studio.

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