Is the Egyptian Revolution on Track?

Hosni Mubarak's trial is seen by Egyptian revolutionaries as a huge success, but despite that, many are pessimistic about Egypt's future. Today we talk to three Egyptians who are happy to see Mubarak go but each have their own vision about where the revolution goes from here.

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Egyptian Revolution on Track?

Many Egyptians sat stunned in front of their televisions last week. It's not unusual to see Hosni Mubarak on Egyptian TV. He's dominated the airwaves for decades. But this time he was in a courtroom. In a cage lined with bars. Charged with crimes so serious he could face the gallows. Mubarak pleaded not guilty to all counts and his trial resumes next week.

For many Egyptians, just seeing the former dictator on trial is a sign of positive change. But beyond the trial, there's a lot going on in Egypt right now and many of the people who pushed so hard to see this moment come are worried the revolution they started might be on the rails.

This morning, we brought together three Egyptians who were all happy to see Mubarak go. But each has their own vision about where the revolution goes from here. Amal Sharaf is the co-founder of the April 6th movement, the youth movement that inspired the revolution. Michael Meunier is a Coptic Egyptian who has been a member of opposition groups and is training young people to become politically active. And Amr Darrag is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood movement and its political arm, The Freedom and Justice Party. They were all in Cairo this morning.

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