The Dark Tunnel (Documentary)

For an instant, Kevin Pett locked eyes with the man who had jumped in front of the subway he was driving. That moment sent him to a very dark place ... that nonetheless sheds light on what it's like to live with someone else's suicide. We re-broadcast Aziza Sindu documentary, The Dark Tunnel.

Part Two of The Current

The Dark Tunnel (Documentary)

This story may be disturbing to some listeners. It's the story of a Toronto husband and wife, both of whom drive subways for a living. Those jobs are normally uneventful. But one day a stranger would throw their lives into chaos, by throwing himself in front of one of the speeding trains.

It was over in a moment. But the consequences of that desperate act lingered. The Current's contributor Aziza Sindu looked into the aftermath of that terrible day in her documentary, The Dark Tunnel. It first aired on The Current in May.

Last Word - Space Girl

We were talking earlier about a man who briefly managed to steal a little bit of the moon from NASA and use the rocks as part of a romantic encounter. He is not the only one to think about sex among the stars.

On today's last word, a song about a mother's advice to a daughter about avoiding the seductions of space. But there's just no talking to some earth kids. We ended the program with Space Girl by The Imagined Village.

Other segment from today's show:

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