WWII Stories of Canadian Veterans (Documentary)

To this day, World War Two is the bloodiest conflict in history. And many of the men and women who lived through it are passing away. But a new book called Honour is preserving some of their stories.

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WWII Stories of Canadian Veterans (Documentary)

We've been talking this morning about the sacrifice many Canadian soldiers made in Afghanistan. Their stories remain vivid in digital photo albums, videos, and blogs.
But the stories of many soldiers who took part in the world's bloodiest war, are at risk of disappearing. Each day, there are fewer veterans of World War Two.

Yuri Dojc's parents were liberated by soldiers at the end of the war. He's honouring that memory with a book of photo-essays documenting the experiences of survivors. The book is called Honour and it's published by Chartwell Seniors Housing. It runs seniors housing centres across Canada and the United States. All the proceeds from the sale of the book will go to organizations committed to the remembrance of Canada's veterans, including the War Amps Operation Legacy.

This documentary reflecting the stories of Canadian Veterans was produced by Howard Goldenthal and Dick Miller. It first aired on The Current on Remembrance Day.

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