Media as Platform for Criminals

Norwegians demand answers to why their nation has been driven into mourning. Their justice system has denied a public hearing to the suspect in the Oslo rampage.We ask if those are the right doors to close.

Part Two of The Current

Media Platform for Criminals - Lars Kristiansen

Yesterday, an Oslo court denied a public hearing to the suspect in last weeks bombing and shooting rampage in Norway. The judge believed it would be in the interest of public safety to keep Anders Breivik from the public eye. There is speculation that his eventual trial could also take place behind closed doors.

That worries journalists like Lars Kristiansen. He is the head of Current Affairs and the documentary unit at NRK - Norway's public broadcaster. He and many of his colleagues were hoping for an open hearing. He joined us from the NRK studios in Oslo, Norway.

Media Platform for Criminals

We started this segment with a clip from Dr. Warren Hern. He runs an abortion clinic in Boulder, Colorado. In 2009, his friend Dr. George Tiller was gunned down in Wichita, Kansas. And he's not the only person who believes killers should be denied a platform.

More than 60 thousand people have joined a Facebook group urging the Norwegian courts to deny Anders Behring Breivik the publicity he craves.

A different group called Boycott Anders Behring Breivik carried the message: He has planned this to get propaganda. Boycott all media describing the Norwegian terrorist and his beliefs.

So how much exposure should the media give someone who craves notoriety and a platform for his views? To discuss this we were joined by John Cruickshank, publisher of the Toronto Star, and Jeffrey Dvorkin, the director of journalism at the University of Toronto Scarborough campus. They were both in Toronto.

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