Breaking the Ice (Documentary)

Our documentary this morning takes us to a town in Greenland that is grappling with its future ... trying to balance economic development with environmental preservation. The controversy over deep water oil drilling off the coast of Greenland.

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Breaking the Ice (Documentary)

Cairn Energy has big plans for the waters off the coast of Greenland. But Greenpeace International has other ideas. Cairn, a Scottish energy company, wants to drill oil wells. But Greenpeace says the company doesn't have a sufficient plan to deal with an oil spill like the one that devastated the Gulf Coast after the Deepwater Horizon accident last year.

Greenpeace has been staging protests ... even boarding and occupying Cairn's off-shore oil rigs. And Cairn has been fighting back in court. Drilling in the Arctic is a divisive issue that pits the need for economic development against concerns about an already-fragile ecosystem.

Last winter, the CBC's Marie Wadden went to Nuuk, Greenland, to find out more about how people there view the future of their land and resources. She produced a documentary for us that first aired in February.

Since then, Cairn has won a court injunction preventing Greenpeace from disrupting its drilling operations. Greenpeace has complied, but says it will still fight the drilling. Cairn began drilling two wells off the coast of Greenland earlier this month. Greenpeace says it will continue to oppose the operations.

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