Alberta Child Deaths

In the province of Alberta any child who dies in foster care is subject to an investigation done by Alberta Children and Youth Services. And critics say it's time those findings are made public.

Today's guest host was Jim Brown.

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It's Wednesday, July 20th.

When asked why he knew so little about what went on at the now defunct News of the World tabloid, Rupert Murdoch said he, "may have been lax about asking."

He added that he may have also been lax about caring.

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Alberta Child Deaths

In April, officials with Alberta Social Services took a four-month-old baby away from her mother. They said the baby's mother was incapable of caring for the baby because she was a heavy drinker. Days later, the baby died while in foster care. And today, months later, the baby's mother is still looking for answers about what happened. Critics say the case highlights serious problems with Alberta's foster care system.

Last year, six children died while in provincial care; twice as many as the year before. But not much is known about the deaths because provincial law requires that the names of children in provincial care be kept confidential ... even after their deaths.

Our first guest this morning is the mother of the four-month-old girl who died in April. For legal reasons, we're withholding her name.

Alberta Child Deaths: Brooks DeCillia

CBC Reporter Brooks Decillia has been investigating concerns over what happens to a child when they are put into provincial care in Alberta. He was in our Calgary studio.

Alberta Child Deaths: Mark Hattori

We ended this segment with an interview with Mark Hattori. He is the Assistant Deputy Minister at Alberta Children and Youth Services.

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