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Canadian technology giant Research In Motion will hold its annual board meeting tomorrow The company's earnings are below expectations, its stock has plummeted and some observers say RIM could disappear altogether sometime in the next year. We look at the state of what had been a Canadian success story.

Today's guest host was Jim Brown.

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Research in Motion - Eric Jackson

There were some heady days for Research In Motion when they were riding high on the success of the Blackberry ... the company was hailed as a game-changing giant ... a shining example of Canadian innovation. And it was making piles of money too. But these days, the company is telling a very different story.

Today, Research In Motion's earnings are down, its stock has plummeted, shareholders are demanding a shakeup at the highest levels of the company and some investors believe that the once-groundbreaking company has forgotten how to innovate and might even be on the brink of disappearing altogether. Eric Jackson is among them. He's the Founder and Managing Member of Ironfire Capital and he was in our Toronto studio.

Research in Motion - Anthony LeBlanc

Not everyone thinks RIM is in such bad shape. Anthony LeBlanc is RIM's former Vice President of Global Sales. He worked at Research in Motion for 8 years. And we should note that he still does own shares in RIM. Anthony LeBlanc was in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

We left messages requesting an interview with someone from Research In Motion. Our calls were not returned.

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