The Silencing of St. Andrew's (Documentary)

Our documentary today is about the deconsecration of an Anglican Church in rural Quebec and what it tells us about the state of the two solitudes.

Part Two of The Current

The Silencing of St. Andrew's (Documentary Repeat)

We started this segment with the sound of the bell at Saint Andrew's, an Anglican Church in the town of La Tuque, Quebec, about four hours north-east of Montreal. But these days, that sound is no more. Last September the bell rang for the last time and then the church was de-consecrated.

For a hundred years, Saint Andrews was the hub of the Anglophone community in a largely Francophone town. But there just aren't that many English-speakers in La Tuque any more. And the same is true across the province, as more and more leave rural Quebec.

As part of our project Shift on the changing demographics of Canada and the world, the CBC's Elias Abboud traveled to La Tuque to witness the Church's deconsecration and to find out what it means for Quebec. He prepared this documentary, called The Silencing of Saint Andrew's. It first aired on The Current in October.

Here are some pictures from Elias Abboud's documentary:

Last Word - Sudan Child Soldier

Tomorrow, the Republic of South Sudan will become an independent country, something we talked about earlier in the program. For half-a-century, the south fought brutal civil wars with the government in the north. Some of the people who did the fighting were child soldiers ... the so-called "Lost Boys" of Sudan.

Freelance journalist Zack Baddorf met one of them and brought us his story in a documentary we first aired last September. We ended the program with an excerpt.

Other segment from today's show:

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