Refugee Benhmuda Family

Adel Benhmuda was deported back to Libya after the Canadian government rejected his refugee claim. Now, he says he has been detained and tortured by Libyan authorities and the United Nations is asking Canada to resettle him and his family. We talk to Adel Benhmuda and the lawyer who is representing him in Canada.

Today's guest host was Mike Finnerty.

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It's Monday July 4th ... The 235th birthday of the United States.

And as you'd expect from any bi-centenarian, America is disoriented, cranky, and unable to keep track of her finances.

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Refugee Benhmuda Family

Libyan president Muammar Qadhafi is still in the eye of the storm. As fighting in Libya drags on, the International Criminal Court formally charged Qadhafi with war crimes last week and Qadhafi threatened to retaliate against NATO air strikes by carrying out attacks in Europe. Meanwhile, Canadian Foreign minister John Baird visited Libya's rebel capital, Benghazi, to meet with - and endorse - the opposition-led government-in-waiting.

Canada has been an enthusiastic part of the NATO-led campaign against the Qadhafi regime. But then there's the story of one Libyan family, a family opposed to Qadhafi's regime, and who fled the regime to settle in Canada ... only to be deported 8 years later... with very serious consequences.

Today, we bring you their story from Malta where they currently have refugee status but their hope is to come back to Canada. Adel Benhmuda and Aisha Benmatug were in Malta. Andrew Brouwer is their lawyer in Toronto.

The ministry of Citizenship and Immigration as well as the Immigration and Refugee Board - the IRB - and the Canada Border Services Agency ALL said they could not comment on the case for privacy reasons. We also requested an interview with federal Immigration Minister Jason Kenney. His office did not respond to our request. But we did air part of what he told the House of Commons when NDP MP Don Davies accused the Canadian government of deporting refugees to torture.

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