HIV/AIDS in Saskatchewan (Repeat)

When Anna Maria went to Saskatchewan last season, she met Krista Shore. Krista learned five years ago that she had HIV, difficult news for anyone, but for Krista who was a young mother who finally started turning away from a life of drug addiction, it was the kind of news that threatened to plunge her back into the abyss.

Part Two of The Current

HIV/AIDS in Saskatchewan

The face of HIV/AIDS is changing in Saskatchewan. Increasingly, it's hitting young, aboriginal women like Krista Shore. In 2006, she was diagnosed with HIV. It was a devastating setback for a young mother rebounding from a life of drug addiction, pain and hardship. But she reached out for help .. determined that her diagnosis and circumstances would not become a life sentence.

Krista Shore's s story and the wider issues of HIV/AIDS in Saskatchewan first aired on The Current in September as part of our project Shift, on demographic change.

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