Breakaway Iceberg

A giant iceberg has lodged itself off the south coast of Labrador. It's believed to be part of an even larger iceberg which broke away from the Petermann Glacier in Greenland last summer and it's creating big problems for local fishers. Some experts fear it could be a sign that the Greenland ice cap is melting faster than previously thought.

Today's guest host was Mike Finnerty.

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It's Tuesday June 28th.

Mail delivery resumes this morning after the Senate passed back to work legislation.

The legislation marks the first time the words "back to work" had ever been uttered in the Senate.

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Breakaway Iceberg - Jim Bruce

Brian Kippenchuck and Ralph Turnbull have been fishing professionally for a long time and they are certainly used to seeing icebergs. But this is different. This year, icebergs the size of small cities are heading for the coasts of Newfoundland and Labrador. And, as the saying goes, they are just the tip. What the fishermen are describing are massive chunks of ice that broke off, or calved from the Petermann Glacier in Greenland last summer.

Originally the iceberg measured about 250 square kilometres. That's the largest iceberg the world has seen in half-a-century. Since last summer, it's been breaking up and melting as it makes its way toward Canada. It has many concerned about the state of the arctic ice-caps. And downstream, Brian Kippenchuck and Ralph Turnbull are worried about their livelihoods. We aired a clip.

Jim Bruce has been tracking the icebergs closely to see what he and others can learn from them. He's the Director of Ice Engineering at C-Core, an engineering research organization at Memorial University. He was in St. John's.

Breakaway Icebergs - Robert Bindschadler

The implications of these massive icebergs -- and the melting glaciers -- go far beyond the Labrador coastline. So for the global perspective, we were joined by Robert Bindschadler. He's a glaciologist with NASA and he's at the Goddard Space Flight Centre in Greenbelt, Maryland.

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