Public Shaming

Social media is making it easier to name and shame the people responsible for the Game Seven Stanley Cup riot in Vancouver. But not everyone thinks that's a good thing.

Part Two of The Current

Public Shaming - Robert Gorcak & Kimli Welsh

Until last week, Nathan Kotylak was known best as an up-and-coming Canadian water polo player. But that all changed when a picture of him showed up online after the Vancouver Riot, a photo in which he appears to be holding a burning rag close to a police car. After that, Nathan decided he had to apologize publicly.

Nathan's lawyer says the online attention has forced his family to move out of their house. And Nathan isn't the only one being called out for his actions. BC Premier Christy Clark has vowed to track down the people responsible. We aired a clip.

Robert Gorcak and Kimli Welsh both have sites that identify some of those who rioted. Robert Gorcak started the largest Facebook group and website devoted solely to posting pictures of the rioters. And Kimli Welsh is using her blog called Delicious Juice to post pictures as well. They were both in Vancouver.

Public Shaming - Alexandra Samuel & James Whitman

But not everyone is comfortable with the way the search for the rioters is unfolding. Alexandra Samuel is the Director of the Social and Interactive Media Centre at Emily Carr University. She was in Vancouver. And James Whitman is a Professor of Comparative and Foreign Law at the Yale Law School. He has written about the use of "shaming penalties" and he was in Paris today.

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