Baby Sleep

Some parents might wish there were more options when it comes to putting a crabby baby to sleep. We talk to an author who's penetrating little book of nursery rhymes has opened up an honest intercourse that's resonating with sleep-deprived parents.

Part Three of The Current

Baby Sleep - Adam Mansbach

We started this segment with a few verses are from a brand new bedtime story book... though obviously aimed more at sleepy adults than their children.

The author is a critically-acclaimed writer whose latest work has surpassed the success of anything he's written before. Well before its release, it shot to the top spot of Amazon's bestseller list. And the movie rights are sold. It seems many parents think Adam Mansbach is a clever little father.

Many of our listeners won't like one of the words in the book's title. So, for now, let's call it Go the Freak to Sleep and we'll all rest better.

Adam Mansbach was in New York City

Baby Sleep - Dana Obleman

Certainly, at the sound of the midnight screaming, many parents may have regretted the act of multiplying. We heard from Natalie Serdar in Vancouver, mother of two.

After surviving on five hours sleep a night on good nights... 2 or 3 on the not-so-good nights, for five years. Natalie resorted to hiring a professional... sleep consultant, Dana Obleman. She has run her business for nine years. She has a bachelors degree in psychology and was an elementary school teacher. When she became a mother, and had a child who wouldn't sleep. She became interested in helping others. So she developed a strategy to help parents do things like set boundaries and choose consequences. Her e-book goes for 47-dollars and her consultations are 695-dollars. She says she's had 25-hundred clients. And her business is growing.

Dana Obleman is launching that new service. It's the Emergency Sleep Intervention Program, where she'll come to your home for round the clock service for 2 days. That's 48 hours for 10-thousand-dollars, plus travel expenses.

And Ms. Obleman isn't alone in trying to provide solutions for exhausted parents... there are hundreds of sleep consultants advertising on the internet and a range of products on the market designed to get a child to nod off.

Baby Sleep - Valerie Kirk

A business opportunity it may be but parents have been putting their crabby babies to sleep for centuries ... that's why our next guest thinks if parents were a little less confused, they might not reach for their cheque book just to put a baby down.

Valerie Kirk is the medical director of pediatric sleep service at Alberta Children's Hospital. She was in Calgary.

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