Cyber War

Battles are fought over food, water, oil -- but silicon? In the U.S., the Pentagon says intrusions into American computer systems may be acts of war. Is it really ready to march on foreign hackers?

Part Two of The Current

Cyber War - KT McFarland

We started this segment with some sound from attacks we know about. Government and corporate computer systems are under attack, possibly by hackers in the employ of hostile governments. In the U.S., the Pentagon has drawn a line in this silicon sand: a major cyber attack linked to a foreign government may be an act of war.

To help tell us what that exactly means, we were joined by KT McFarland. She has held national security posts under U.S. Presidents Nixon, Ford and Reagan. She was the Pentagon's spokesperson from 1981 until 1984. She is currently the national security analyst for Fox News. KT McFarland was in New York City this morning.

Cyber War - Wesley Wark

Cyber attacks may be intrusive and damaging, but some people think they're not much different than regular, old espionage. And spying isn't usually enough to get troops on the march.

Our next guest follows this kind of security issues closely. Wesley Wark is a national security affairs expert and a professor at the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto. He was in Ottawa.

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