First 100 Days of a New Government

Friday's throne speech officially laid out the agenda of Stephen Harper's new majority government. But how will things play out on the ground over the first few months of Parliament? Our expert panel weighs in.

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It's Monday June 6th.

A 21-year old Senate page was escorted from the House of Commons after holding up a sign reading "Stop Harper" during the throne speech.

Currently, NDP leader Jack Layton breathed a sigh of relief when he was informed the page was not, in fact, a member of his Quebec caucus.

This is the Current.

First Hundred Days of a New Government - Peter van Loan

Yes, the House of Commons is officially back in session. And in the last few years that has meant acrimony. But some feel change is in the air. After all, we have a majority government for the first time in seven years ... a new party occupying the Official Opposition benches .... legions of rookie MPs and lots of talk about making Parliament more functional and more civil.

And the Throne Speech, which opened the new Parliamentary Session on Friday, indicates the Harper government now has the opportunity to put all of the things its been talking about - all of the things that caused acrimony amongst the opposition parties into play.

This new Conservative majority government says it will focus on the economy, reform the Senate, pass tough-on-crime legislation and do away with the long-gun registry. And a federal budget that will be unveiled later today is expected to mirror the one the Conservatives introduced just before the government fell.

Conservative Peter van Loan is the government House Leader. We reached him in Ottawa.

First 100 Days of a New Government - Panel

For the view from the Ottawa press gallery, we were joined by Susan Delacourt. She is the Toronto Star's senior writer in Ottawa. Paul Wells is a senior political columnist with Macleans magazine. And John Ivison is a political columnist with the National Post. They were all in Ottawa today.

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