Coupon Deal Websites

Some of you may get them in your email inbox ... daily deals on local goods and services. Groupon-style websites and the group discount coupons they offer are becoming increasingly popular. But the bigger they get ... the more complaints are arising.

Part Three of The Current

Coupon Deal Websites

Last week, Groupon - an online coupon company - filed to go public, meaning you'll soon be able to buy Groupon shares. It's a sign things are going well for the company. And indeed they are. Groupon... and other similar group coupon companies have become immensely popular in recent months. And there's good reason for that: the discounts they offer have the potential to save you a lot of money.

Many of you may have already bought such coupons. Others may be considering it. In either case, you'll want to listen in because what we're about to tell you may make you think twice before buying in. The Current's producer Heba Aly joined Anna Maria to tell us more.

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