Tale of Two Hockey Cities

Tonight is Game One of the Stanley Cup Finals and the Canucks will be facing off against the Bruins. Hockey-crazed citizens of Vancouver and Boston are unable to work and prone to uncontrollable outbursts. We talk to two people who know the teams and cities quite well to get their thoughts on who will bring home the Stanley Cup?

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It's Wednesday June 1st.

The Stanley Cup finals begin tonight and tickets are selling for as much as $3500 dollars.

Currently, that may sound expensive, but in Vancouver, that is the going rate to have a roof over your head for 3 hours.

This is the Current.

Tale of Two Hockey Cities

We started this segment with some sound from the scene in Vancouver last Tuesday night after Kevin Bieksa's bouncing shot found the net. That goal officially ended the San Jose Sharks' run and secured the Vancouver Canucks a spot in the Stanley Cup finals for the first time since a heartbreaking loss to the New York Rangers in 1994.

And now, with Game One of the finals in Vancouver tonight, there seems to be little else on the minds of Vancouverites who are, according to a new poll, even more excited about this than they were about the Olympics. We heard from some people on the streets of Vancouver.

Well, the Canucks, of course, will be facing off against the Bruins. And Boston fans are pumped, too ... really pumped .... as evidenced by this sendoff they gave their team two days ago.

As in any big sports final ... this is a tale of two teams. One - the Bruins - hasn't won the Cup in 39 years. The other - the Canucks - has yet to win the Cup in its 41 years of existence. This is also a tale of two cities. One, a grand old city on North America's Atlantic Coast with a great history of big-league sports champions. The other, a vibrant, scenic city on the Pacific Coast still basking in the success of the 2010 Winter Olympics.

For more on the faceoff between these two teams - and their home cities - I'm joined by two people who know them well. John Ashbridge has been the PA announcer for the Vancouver Canucks for almost 25 years. He was in our Vancouver studio. And Ric Duarte has been following the Boston Bruins since Bobby Orr's cup-winning goal in 1970. He runs the Bruins Diehard blog, and he joined us from Boston.

And we ended this segment with some further thoughts from former Boston Bruins star Derek Sanderson on winning the Stanley Cup in 1970 and 1972.

And for a little editorial balance ... Go Canucks!

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