Bob Rae (Feature Interview)

Bob Rae is the new leader of the Liberal party. He joined Anna Maria today for a feature interview to discuss his new role in office and his forecast for what lies ahead.

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It's Monday, May 30th.

A new report finds that 20% of Canadian homes do not have internet access.

Currently, the report characterizes these homes as - quote - "productive".

This is The Current.

Bob Rae

The Liberal caucus chose Bob Rae to lead the party for the next couple years until a convention picks a new permanent leader.

In the past five years, Bob Rae has fought for the leadership position twice. And he has lost it both times. Now that he's finally at the helm, the once mighty Liberal ship, is firmly stuck on the rocks.

It is the third party in the House of Commons. No longer the Official Opposition with all the perks and cash that come with that title. Liberal senators now out number Liberal Mps. And the party's popular support is at historic lows. Stuck below 20%.

This is the party Bob Rae now leads.

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