Age Discrimination

Our workforce is aging, people are choosing to stay on the job longer and mandatory retirement laws are being challenged as human rights violations. We look at a lawsuit that could push the situation even further ... as well as the consequences for people who'd be quite happy to retire now.

Part Three of The Current

Age Discrimination - Murray Tevlin

January 31st was supposed to be John Michael or Mitch McCormick's last day of work. Mr. McCormick is a 66-year-old lawyer -- a partner at Fasken, Martineau. According to the firm's partnership agreement -- which Mr. McCormick signed -- partners must retire when they turn 65.

But Mr. McCormick doesn't want to retire and he doesn't think he should have to. So he hired a lawyer and took the case to the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal. The case has now gone to the BC Supreme Court. Most jurisdictions in Canada have done away with mandatory retirement legislation but the debate over how long Canadians can and should be permitted to work is still raging.

Murray Tevlin is John Michael McCormick's lawyer and he joined us as part of our demographics project Shift. Murray Tevlin was in Vancouver.

Age Discrimination - 2010 Human Rights Commission Report

The Canadian Human Rights Commission says age discrimination is having a significant impact on workplaces throughout Canada. We aired some of the Commission's findings, from its 2010 annual report, read by The Current's Ellen Saenger.

Age Discrimination - Denise Reaume

Denise Reaume is a professor of law at the University of Toronto. She specializes in discrimination and she believes cases such as this could have far-reaching implications for employers and employees alike. Denise Reaume was in Toronto.

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Last Word - Bear Stories

We ended the program today with a brand-new Hinterland Who's Who ... produced specially for The Current. A collection of bear stories have come in and we're hoping to hear more for our May 23rd -- Victoria Day program.

Contact us and let us know your bear encounters. 

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