A Special Edition: Manitoba Floods

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Pt 1: Breached Dike Consequences - Manitoba is experiencing some of the most severe flooding in its history. We talk to two rural couples ... one who had to flee their home and one who got to stay because of the deliberate breach of the dike. (read more)

Pt 2: Mayor & Flood Panel - Despite the controlled breach over the weekend, the threat of rising flood waters is still very real and Brandon is one of the city's most at risk. We speak to the mayor of Brandon, Manitoba and the former mayor of Winnipeg during the great flood of 1997. (read more)

Pt 3: Premier Greg Selinger - The swollen waters of the Assiniboine are alternately full of fury and quietly, menacingly rising up through farm land and communities across a wide swath of this province. And with the water comes the emotion - some communities feel sacrificed, others feel ignored. And even nature gets political. We speak to the man who is responsible for some tough decisions, Premier Greg Selinger. (read more)

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