Jawad Nabulsi

Jawad Nabulsi was a key organizer in Egypt's pro-democracy revolution and he has paid a high price for his work. During one of the protests, he was shot several times and is now blind in one eye. We speak with him about the price he paid for the movement's success and where his country goes from here.

Part Two of The Current

Jawad Nabulsi

We started this segment with a clip from a young Egyptian named Jawad Nabulsi giving a lecture in Alexandria in 2008. Three years before the historic revolution in his country, he was already organizing people to push for change. So when the pro-democracy protests began in late January, Jawad Nabulsi was there. And on Friday January 28th -- the Friday of Anger, as protesters called it -- he was among the hundreds of thousands of people who took to the streets.

Egyptian police responded with batons, water cannons and tear gas. It was one of the most violent days of the revolution. By nightfall, army tanks rolled into the streets. Around midnight, security forces opened fire. Jawad Nabulsi was hit several times and he's now blind in one eye.

Today, exactly three months after the protesters succeeded in overthrowing Hosni Mubarack, Egypt is still struggling with how to move forward after its historic revolution. Jawad Nabulsi is the founder of Nebny Foundation, which tries to empower young people to participate in shaping Egypt's economy. He was in Washington.

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