Defending Ignatieff

Being an intellectual superstar may have wowed them at Harvard but it did nothing for Michael Ignatieff when Canadians cast their ballots a couple of weeks ago. In fact, the post-mortems suggest the former Liberal leader didn't "connect" with Canadians. Did Harvard crimson clash with our red maple leaf?

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It's Friday May 13th.

A new study finds that people who like their co-workers tend to live longer.

Currently, that's more bad news for the Liberal caucus.

This is The Current.

Defending Ignatieff - Shalini Rao

Michael Ignatieff is heading back to the halls of academia in Canada it should be noted. Last week, he announced that he has taken a teaching position at The University of Toronto and a residency at Massey College. It's familiar territory for Mr. Ignatieff who has taught at Harvard, Oxford and Cambridge Universities ... a pedigree the Conservative Party used to paint him as an out-of-touch elitist with a questionable commitment to Canada.

The fact that the strategy worked has left Shalini Rao both disappointed and concerned. She's a Canadian and a student of government at Harvard University. She wrote an op-ed in the university's newspaper about what she thinks this saga reveals about Canadians and our political culture. Shalini Rao was in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Defending Ignatieff - Panel

Paul Cellucci knows these dynamics very well. He's the former Governor of Massachusetts and the former U.S. Ambassador to Canada. He was Boston. And Margaret MacMillan is the Warden of St. Antony's College at Oxford University and the author of several books including Paris 1919. She was in Oxford, England.

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Monday - The Current in Manitoba 

The Current is on its way to Manitoba this weekend and on Monday, we'll be bringing you the stories of people struggling with the worst floods in the province's history. Anna Maria Tremonti will be hosting the program from Winnipeg and one of the stories we'll have for you is a profile of a couple who are spending every day on edge as they wonder if their house will be flooded if and when the Manitoba government executes a controlled breach of the province's dikes. We heard from Sandor and Marianna Arendse sharing their thoughts on the coming crisis.

Victoria Day Promo

We are just one week away from the Victoria Day long weekend ... the unofficial start of summer and a time when many people start making their first seasonal forays into nature. In some cases, that's going to mean bears.

You may have heard this week, about new research out of the University of Calgary, which shows that male black bears are more dangerous than female black bears. That goes against what hikers have long been told -- that a mother bear protecting her cubs is the most fearsome.

On Victoria Day - May 23rd - we'll be looking at facts and myths about bears and we want to hear your bear stories. Have you had a close encounter with a bear? Contact us. We'll air some of those stories on Victoria Day -- Monday, May 23rd.

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