Severe Floods

People in Quebec, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are battling severe floods. Thousands have been forced to evacuate their homes and the water is still rising in some areas. We get the latest on the situation and hear first-person accounts of how people are coping.

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It's Tuesday, May 10th.

Despite the fact Osama Bin Laden spent the last five years living in a garrison city just 60 kilometres from the capital, Pakistan's prime minister denies allegations that his country is complicit in harbouring the former Al Qaeda leader.

In diplomatic circles, it's what's known as playing the incompetency card.

This is The Current.

Severe Floods - Brandon, Manitoba

One thousand Canadian soldiers are on the move in Manitoba to shore up dikes along the surging Assiniboine River. Premier Greg Selinger has declared a state of emergency ... water levels are higher than they have ever been and now the provincial government says it is planning a controlled release of some flood-water at a location east of Portage la Prairie in a bid to prevent breaches all along the length of the river.

The flood zone covers about 200 kilometres between Winnipeg and Brandon, but Brandon is facing one of the most serious threats. Hundreds of people were told to leave their homes yesterday and hundreds more are on stand-by to do the same.

Dave Barnes has yet to receive an evacuation order and he's gearing up for a good fight. He's a retired teacher who lives on the eastern boundary of Brandon, Manitoba.

Severe Floods - St. Lazare, Manitoba

Jennifer Jessop is in St. Lazare, a small town about two hours north-west of Brandon. She and her husband were living in a house just outside the town but they had to leave because of the flooding. They're now staying with a relative in St. Lazare and Jennifer Jessop joined us by phone from St. Lazare, Manitoba.

Severe Floods - Bird's Point, Saskatchewan

Manitoba is the worst-hit but it's not the only part of the country facing flooding. In Saskatchewan, people have been filling sandbags and pumping basements for nearly a month .and while the water levels in many areas are starting to recede ... more rain is in the forecast.

Brian Hill owns Chilly's Resort at the Resort Village of Bird's Point, about 150 kilometers east of Regina on Round Lake.

Severe Floods - Lacolle, Quebec

In Quebec, nearly a thousand people have been forced from their homes near Lake Champlain and Richelieu River, south of Montreal. Water levels have begun to subside but high winds are expected today and that could mean heavy waves threatening homes along the banks of the river and lake.

Don Robinson is a retired farmer in Lacolle, Quebec, inside the flood zone.

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