The Fear: Robert Mugabe & Zimbabwe

It has been three years since Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe was defeated at the polls and forced into a power-sharing government. Today, he has re-consolidated his power and recommitted to staying on top for his 31st year in office. We talk to Zimbabwean-born writer Peter Godwin on his book, The Fear: Robert Mugabe and The Martyrdom of Zimbabwe.

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The Fear: Peter Godwin

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe sounds like an emboldened man these days. Three years ago, he won fewer votes than his rival in the first round of a presidential election. In the second round, he orchestrated a crackdown brutal enough for his opponent, Morgan Tsvangirai, to withdraw from the race.

Although widely criticized, the second round vote went ahead. Mr. Mugabe hung on to power and formed a coalition government with the opposition. That was supposed to be the beginning of the end of his now 31-year-old reign. Instead, President Mugabe marginalized the opposition, reconsolidated his power and is now seeking an end to the coalition.

Peter Godwin is a former foreign correspondent and human rights lawyer who was born and raised in Zimbabwe. He went back there in April of 2008, to witness and chronicle the bloody aftermath of the last election. The result is a book called The Fear: Robert Mugabe and The Martyrdom of Zimbabwe. Peter Godwin was in Toronto.

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