Rebooting Civilization

Science writer Bob Holmes says our daily lives are filled with the accidents of history. The seven-day-work-week, the 24-hour-day, the layout of your computer keyboard -- he says these are all things that no clear-thinking person would ever create today. We're asking what our society would look like if we stripped it down and started from scratch.


Rebooting Civilization

Canadians hit the Parliamentary reset button this week ... choosing a vastly different group of people to form the next Parliament. Even so... some might argue - it's all just tinkering around the edges compared to what we could do if we thought bigger... much bigger.

What if we decided to learn from the successes and missteps of thousands of years of civilization... trashed the dysfunctional parts, wiped the slate clean and started a smarter civilization from the ground up.

Bob Holmes is an Edmonton-based writer for New Scientist magazine, and he's undertaken a revisioning of civilization in an article called Total Reboot. Bob Holmes joined us from Edmonton.

Robin Dunbar is the director of the Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology at Oxford University. His latest book is How Many Friends Does One Person Need? We reached him at his home in Oxford, England.

Lena Hansen is a Principal with the Electricity Practice at the energy think tank, the Rocky Mountain Institute. We reached Lena Hansen at her office in Boulder, Colorado.

And Miriam Diamond is a professor of environmental science at the University of Toronto.

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