NDP & Bay Street

As the NDP continues to surge in the polls, some on Bay Street worry the party's policies would hurt a still-fragile Canadian economy, while others say the NDP's economic approach is nothing to be worried about. We open up that debate.

Today's guest host was Bob McKeown.



It's Friday, April 29th.

Michael Ignatieff has admitted he smoked marijuana in his youth.

Currently, Canada's reaction? Nice try, Michael, but you're still no Jack Layton.

This is The Current.

NDP & Bay Street

We started this segment with some opinions on the NDP from Bay Street in Toronto.

Historically, Bay Street has not paid much attention to the NDP's economic platform. Now, with the party riding historic highs in national polls, corporate Canada is taking note ... with some possibly predictably mixed reviews.

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper has rediscovered the NDP too but he's a lot less measured in his assessment of what Canada would be like with NDP Leader Jack Layton at the helm. And Jack Layton disputes Stephen Harper's charges.

Our next two guests have both given a lot of thought to what the NDP's policies would mean for the Canadian economy and they too have come to very different conclusions. Jack Mintz is the Director of The School of Public Policy at the University of Calgary. He was in Washington, DC this morning. And Michael McCracken is the Chairmen and CEO of Informetrica, an economic research company. He was in Ottawa.

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