Mona Lisa Dig

A flamboyant art historian hopes to solve the puzzle of the Mona Lisa's smile by exhuming the 500-year-old bones of an Italian noblewoman.


Mona Lisa Dig - Silvano Vinceti

It's one of the western world's most iconic and enigmatic images. Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa has inspired songs, best-selling books and movies. And, of course, intense speculation and controversy.

We aired a clip with some voices from visitors to the Louvre in Paris pondering just who it was who sat for that painting. And art historians have been musing about the identity of Da Vinci's muse for hundreds of years.

Many believe the model was Lisa Gherardini - the wife of an Italian nobleman. But Silvano Vinceti aims to put an end to the debate by digging up the bones of Lisa Gherardini this spring and applying the technology of forensic science to them. Mr. Vinceti is an art historian and TV personality in Italy. We spoke with him through a translator from his home in Rome.

Mona Lisa Dig - Martin Kemp

Well, Martin Kemp, for one, is not convinced the remains of Lisa Gherardini will shed much light on the mysteries of the Mona Lisa. He is Emeritus professor of the History of Art at Oxford University in England, and he's the author of several books about Leonardo Da Vinci. Professor Kemp was in Oxford.

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