Canadian Job Market

We dedicate our first hour of the program to take a look at the state of the Canadian job market. The leaders of our federal political parties are all promising to create jobs. But the Canadian job market is still very much in flux. We look at where jobs are being created, where they're being lost and what that means for the Canadian economy.

Today's guest host was Bob McKeown.



It's Monday, April 25th.

Advance polls opened over the weekend.

Giving apathetic voters a chance to not vote in advance.

This is The Current.

Canadian Job Market - Jessica Chant

We started this segment with a clip from NDP Leader Jack Layton, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff and Conservative Leader Stephen Harper. Each of the three, main federal parties has different ideas about how to create jobs. There's even disagreement about where exactly the Canadian job market stands right now.

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper says on his watch the Canadian economy has created close to 500,000 new jobs ... more than were lost during the recession. But according to Armine Yalnyzian, a senior economist at the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, there's a catch. We aired a clip.

Statistics Canada does agree that there has been a net increase of 53,000 jobs between September 2008 and last month 2011. But when you do the math that was actually a decline of 11,000 full-time jobs and an increase of 64,000 part-time ones.

Jessica Chant is one of the people who lost her full-time employment recently. She worked in the not-for-profit sector, but her contract ended earlier this year when government funding ran out. Jessica Chant was in Vancouver.

Canadian Job Market - Krista Castellarin

Nearly half the jobs that are being now being created are in the small business sector. And Catherine Swift, the President of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, says that's where our politicians should be focusing their efforts. We aired a clip.

Krista Castellarin is a small business owner. She's the Founder and CEO of Fabulous Furballs, a pet spa and boutique chain in Alberta. Profit Magazine has named her company the 9th fastest growing company in Canada. Krista Castellarin was in Edmonton.

Canadian Job Market - Bhekuzulu Khumalo

According to Armine Yalnyzian of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, one of the first casualties of a weak job market is the skilled immigrant worker. We aired a clip.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo has been struggling to find his place in the Canadian job market since he came to Canada from Zimbabwe in 2001. He was in our Toronto studio.


Canadian Job Market - Politician Panel

On this Easter Monday, we hope your among those fortunate enough to have a stable job with good benefits ... perhaps even the day off. But as we heard earlier, many Canadians aren't so lucky. According to Statistics Canada, there are more jobs in Canada now than there were at the beginning of the recession but fewer of them are full-time jobs -- the over-all gain has come from the growth in part-time work.

Each of the three main federal parties is promising to kick-start job creation, but they have very different ideas about how to do that. So this morning, we tried to put those promises to the test. Scott Brison is the Liberal candidate for Kings-Hants in Nova Scotia. Rick Dykstra is the Conservative Candidate for St. Catharines, Ontario. And Peggy Nash is the NDP Candidate for Parkdale-High Park in Toronto.

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