Canadian Job Market: Politicians

We continue our discussion on the Canadian job market with a look at the politics of job creation. We talk to candidates from the Conservatives, the Liberals and the NDP to find out what they'd do to make Canada's job market better.


Canadian Job Market - Politician Panel

On this Easter Monday, we hope your among those fortunate enough to have a stable job with good benefits ... perhaps even the day off. But as we heard earlier, many Canadians aren't so lucky. According to Statistics Canada, there are more jobs in Canada now than there were at the beginning of the recession but fewer of them are full-time jobs -- the over-all gain has come from the growth in part-time work.

Each of the three main federal parties is promising to kick-start job creation, but they have very different ideas about how to do that. So this morning, we tried to put those promises to the test. Scott Brison is the Liberal candidate for Kings-Hants in Nova Scotia. Rick Dykstra is the Conservative Candidate for St. Catharines, Ontario. And Peggy Nash is the NDP Candidate for Parkdale-High Park in Toronto.

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