Nuclear Crisis in Japan

150,000 people have been forced from their homes because of the nuclear crisis in Japan. And the situation seems likely to get worse now that the Japanese Government has widened the evacuation zone. This morning, we head into the heart of the disaster.


Nuclear Crisis in Japan - Tetsuo Jimbo

We started this segment with the sound of Tetsuo Jimbo's journey into the 20-kilometre evacuation zone around Japan's crippled nuclear reactors. The clicking and beeping is the geiger counter in his car, alerting him to the radiation levels around him.

Tetsuo Jimbo is a Japanese journalist who decided to drive to ground zero to view the danger zone and to try to find anyone who had stayed behind after the evacuation. Tetsuo Jimbo was in Tokyo this morning.

Nuclear Crisis in Japan - Eric Talmadge

Tetsuo Jimbo never did find any of the people believed to still be living inside the nuclear evacuation zone. But Eric Talmadge did -- including one elderly man named Kunio Shiga who was left stranded after the earthquake and tsunami. Eric Talmadge is the Tokyo News Editor with the Associated Press. He was in Tokyo.

Nuclear Crisis in Japan - John Sparrow

Two weeks ago, a man named Katsunobu Sakurai issued a plea for help. He's the Mayor of Minamisoma -- one of the towns Eric Talmadge mentioned. And the Mayor told the world on Youtube that the situation was desperate -- not enough food, water or gas. At one point, he said his people were starving.

Since then, help has been coming in to the area. The Japanese Red Cross is one of the groups providing some relief. John Sparrow is a spokesperson with the International Federation of the Red Cross. He was in Tokyo.

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