Marathon Doping

On Monday, 26,000 people will line up for the start of the Boston Marathon and according to people who track the sport, a substantial number of them will be using performance enhancing drugs. As part of our panel, we talk to Frank Shorter, an Olympic gold medalist turned founder of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency.


Marathon Doping - Panel

On Monday, 26,000 people will converge on Boston to run the most famous annual marathon in the world. Donna Power and Colin Howse both live in St. John's and they'll be part of the crowd at the starting line. We aired a clip.

Across Canada, interest in long-distance running is on the rise. Tens of thousands of Canadians will run a marathon this year. But according to journalist, John Brant, the world of elite marathon-runners has a dirty little secret. John Brant writes for Runner's World Magazine and late last year, he broke the first major story on the use of performance enhancing drugs in marathon running. The story was called The Confessions of Eddy Hellebuyck. John Brant was in Boston this morning. Bruce Raymer is a Canadian marathon champion. He was in Toronto. Frank Shorter is an Olympic gold medallist in the marathon, and one of the founders of the US Anti-Doping Agency. He was in Boulder, Colorado.

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Minority Retort # 2

And now, for a look at the week that was in election coverage, we joined Dan Ratner and the Minority Retort panelists.

Minority Retort is written for The Current by Jason Sherman and Directed by Gregory J. Sinclair. Jeff Kassel is Dan. Susan Coyne is Frances. Imali Perera is Helen. And Matt Austin Sadowski is Kyle.

We'll have a new edition of Minority Retort, every Friday during the federal election campaign.

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