The Senior Vote Special: Dedicated to Seniors


Pt 1: The Senior Vote: Pary Panel - Politicians of all stripes are wooing "the senior vote" this election. And why not? - 75% of Canadians over 65 regularly vote in federal, provincial and municipal elections. But few are talking about how Canada's aging population is re-shaping the economic, social and political landscape of this country. Representatives from the major parties share their plans to address the impending social change. (Read More)

Pt 2: The Senior Vote: National Call-In - We opened the phone lines for a special phone-in edition for the remaining hour of our program. We wanted to know what it's like getting older in Canada. Susan Eng, the Vice President of Advocacy with CARP joined Anna Maria in studio to help field your calls. (Click here for a list of all time zones)

Pt 3: The Senior Vote: National Call-In (cont'd) - We continued our call-in to address the concerns seniors are having in this country by dedicating the rest of our program to their experiences. (Click here for a list of all time zones)
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