Environmental Issues: Elizabeth May & Party Panel

The woman who wasn't invited to last night's debate, Green Party leader Elizabeth May kick-starts our discussion on climate policy and the environment. And we convene a panel to find out where each of the parties stand on environmental issues and what's at stake for the planet in this campaign.


Environmental Issues - Elizabeth May

For years, some of Canada's most contentious debates have been over environmental issues ... climate change, clear-cutting, the oil sands, the seal hunt. But last night, with the exception of a quick mention of emissions, environmental issues were conspicuously absent from the English-language leaders' debate.

This morning, we're asking where the federal parties stand on the environmental issues affecting this country and this planet.

We began with Green Party leader Elizabeth May who was also missing from last night's debate. She was in Victoria.

Environmental Issues - Party Panel

The environmental point people for each of the three main national parties have been listening in. Peter Kent has been Canada's Environment Minister. He is the Conservative candidate in Thornhill, Ontario. In the last parliament, Gerard Kennedy was the Liberal Party's environment critic and he is its candidate in Parkdale-High Park in Toronto. And Linda Duncan was the NDP's Environment Critic. She is the party's candidate in Edmonton Strathcona. 

*** This panel continues in Part 3 of our program ***

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