Environmental Issues (cont'd) & Moses Znaimer

We continue our panel discussion on environmental issues with Canada's Environment Minister Peter Kent, the Liberal party's Environment Critic Gerard Kennedy and tbe NDP's Environment Critic, Linda Duncan. Plus Moses Znaimer weighs in on the importance of the Older Vote.


Environmental Issues - Party Panel (cont'd)

We continued our discussion with each of the main national political parties on their stand on environmental issues. Peter Kent has been Canada's Environment Minister. He is the Conservative candidate in Thornhill, Ontario. In the last parliament, Gerard Kennedy was the Liberal Party's environment critic and he is its candidate in Parkdale-High Park in Toronto. And Linda Duncan was the NDP's Environment Critic. She is the party's candidate in Edmonton Strathcona.

Seniors Special Promo

We're planning a special edition of The Current tomorrow. As part of our project Shift on demographic change, we are still on election issues and we're going to devote the entire program to the needs and concerns of older voters. With the largest bulge in our population in their 60's ... politicians are seemingly taking note ... all of them are believed to be courting the senior vote. So tomorrow morning, we're going to open up the phone-lines and ask seniors or almost seniors across the country to call in and weigh in on what you'd like to hear from our politicians.

To set the stage, we were joined by Moses Znaimer. He is a broadcasting pioneer, best-known as the creator of City TV and Much Music. He's also the Founder and CEO of Zoomer Media Limited, a multi-media company that caters to Zoomers -- those over 45. And, he's the President of CARP, a group that advocates on behalf of older Canadians. Moses Znaimer was in Toronto.

Other segments from today's show:

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