Health Care Reality Check

The Conservatives, the Liberals and the NDP are all promising to continue increasing health care transfers to the provinces. But former Bank of Canada Governor David Dodge says bigger changes are required. In a new report, he argues that Canadians will have to make some difficult choices because our current, universal system is unsustainable.



It's Tuesday, April 12th.

After a leaked draft put Conservatives on the defensive about questionable infrastructure projects, the Auditor General is urging Canadians to wait for her office's final report on G8 and G20 summit costs.

Currently, turns out they got the Fake Lake for half the cost of an actual lake.

This is The Current.

Health Care Reality Check - David Dodge

We started this segment with a clip of three Canadians talking about their stuggles with illness. Going into this election, more Canadians picked health care as their top political concern over any other issue. Given that, you might think health care would be a key election issue. But as the federal leaders hunker down in preparation for tonight's English-language debate, health care seems to have been largely side-lined.

This morning, we focused on the problems and hopefully some solutions on health care. We began with the pessimistic perspective of former Bank of Canada Governor, David Dodge. In a new report for the CD Howe Institute, he argues our current health care system is unsustainable and that governments will have to make difficult choices to fix it. David Dodge was in Phoenix, Arizona this morning.

Health Care Reality Check - Michael Rachlis/Diana Gibson

Not everyone agrees with David Dodge's assessment. Michael Rachlis is a health policy analyst and an associate professor at the University of Toronto. And Diana Gibson researches health care policy and she's the Research Director at the Parkland Institute at the University of Alberta in Edmonton.

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