Health Care Parties Debate

We continue our health care reality check with a discussion on the politics of health care promises. We convene three candidates -- a Conservative, a Liberal and a New Democrat -- to tell us what their parties would do to make health care better.


Health Care Parties Debate

We started this segment with a clip from Dana Wynia, Sue Jacklin and Zal Press - three people talking about their experiences navigating our health care system through illness. As our federal leaders prepare for tonight's English-language debate, we wanted to open up the health care discussion many Canadians wish would be front and centre.

In our last half hour, we heard some competing ideas on the state of our health care system. Now, we wanted to look for political prescriptions.

Colin Carrie has been the Parliamentary Secretary to the Health Minister. He's now the Conservative Candidate in Oshawa. Ujjal Dosanjh has been the Liberal Party's Health Critic. He's running for the Liberals in Vancouver-South. And Megan Leslie has been the NDP's spokesperson on health policy. She's running as the party's candidate in Halifax.

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