Libya Kidnapping: Lynsey Addario

Lynsey Addario is an award-winning photojournalist. Last month, she spent six days wondering if she would die as a hostage in Libya. But that's not going to stop her from covering the next conflict zone.


Libya Kidnapping: Lynsey Addario

As you have been hearing on the news ... the African Union wants NATO to stop its bombardment of the Libyan army forces to see if a ceasefire can work between soldiers loyal to Moammar Gadhafi and Libyan rebels who want him ousted. What we're not hearing about is how the ongoing battle is playing out and affecting individuals stuck in the midst of the fighting.

Which is why Lynsey Addario's harrowing story gives us some insights. Lynsey Addario is an American photojournalist who has spent the last decade documenting the effect of war. Last month, she and three of her New York Times colleagues were working in the eastern Libyan city of Ajdabiya when they were captured by soldiers loyal to Libyan Leader Moammar Gadhafi. They were held for six, beaten and threatened with death. Lynsey Addario joined us from New York City.

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