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They have been debating each other at every campaign stop. As party leaders prepare for this week's debates, we have our own debaters and our own question: What would a government under Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff look like?



It's Monday, April 11th.

Tomorrow night's leaders' debate will include a six-minute-long one-on-one debate between Stephen Harper and Michael Ignatieff.

Currently, While that is far shorter than the full-length "mana-a-mano" debate both men said they wanted... it's about five minutes more than most Canadians want.

This is The Current.

Ignatieff Government - Panel

We started this segment with some thoughts from voters in St. John's, Montreal and Vancouver about the prospect of a government led by Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff. For their thoughts on how Mr. Ignatieff would govern if he were in office, we were joined by three people. Michael Valpy is a journalist and a Senior Fellow at Massey College at the University of Toronto. He was in Toronto. Pamela Wallin is a Conservative Senator, former journalist and former Canadian Consul General to New York. She was in Toronto as well. And Brooke Jeffrey is a political science professor at Concordia University and the author of Divided Loyalties: The Liberal Party of Canada, 1984 to 2008. She was in Ottawa.

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