As we all consider which political leader we want to be the next Prime Minister ... we take a step back and consider what it means to be a good leader and hear from three very different kinds of leaders who who have learned some very valuable lessons.


Leadership - General Rick Hillier

We started this segment with a clip from Conservative Leader, Stephen Harper, Liberal Leader, Michael Ignatieff and NDP Leader, Jack Layton ... all invoking leadership as a reason to vote for them.

And so this morning, as we all consider our electoral options, we brought in three people who know what it takes to be a leader. First up is someone you've already met this morning. General Rick Hillier is Canada's former Chief of The Defence Staff. His new book is Leadership: Fifty Points of Wisdom for Today's Leaders. He joined us from our Ottawa studio.

Leadership - Beverely Busson

In December, 2006 Beverely Busson made history by becoming the first female RCMP Commissioner. Prime Minister Stephen Harper asked her to take over the reigns of Canada's most iconic institution after RCMP Commissioner Giuliano Zaccardelli resigned. Bev Busson joined us from San Antonio Texas.

Leadership - Paul Moist

We started this segment with a clip from Paul Moist in 2003 after being elected as the National President of the Canadian Union of Public Employees. The role of a union leader is both political and stressful. As President, the decisions of Paul Moist will have a direct impact on the union's six hundred thousand members, and the country as a whole. Paul Moist joined us from Fredricton, New Brunswick to speak about leadership and politics.

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