Marrying Outside: Documentary

Japanese-Canadians are marrying outside their culture at a rate that is far higher than any other group in the country. And some are wondering what this is doing to their community.


Marrying Outside - Natalie Higashi

According to Statistics Canada, Japanese Canadians marry outside their culture and race at a rate that is higher than any other group in the country - 95 percent. And that change is believed to have its roots in the Second World War.

Freelance contributor Natalie Higashi has noticed the phenomenon in her own family. And as part of our project, Shift on demographic change she prepared a documentary on what this means for the Japanese community in Canada. We aired her documentary, Marrying Outside.

Great Moments of Election History

In the federal election campaign of 1957, Liberal Prime Minister Louis St. Laurent was uncomfortable with the new medium of television. For one thing, he refused to wear makeup during his appearances.

54 years later, the consortium of television broadcasters appear uncomfortable with party leaders who do wear makeup.

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