Harper Majority

For five years, Stephen Harper has led the country with minority governments. He says his goal in this election is to win a majority. We ask how a majority might change the way he governs and how that would change the country.



It's Monday, April 4th.

Stephen Harper has promised that, if elected, he will encourage job-sharing programs.

As long as they're not coalitions.

This is The Current.

Harper Majority - Panel

We started this segment with a clip with some thoughts from across Canada about the prospect of a majority government led by Stephen Harper. Mr. Harper is doing his best to cast the campaign as a choice between what he calls a "stable" Conservative government and a so-called "reckless" Liberal-led coalition.

So this morning, we wanted to ask what Stephen Harper would do with a majority and what that would mean for the country. It's a subject that elicits wildly divergent arguments. And we started with Conservative incumbent candidate for Port Moody/Westwood/Port Coquitlam, James Moore.

And for their thoughts on how Stephen Harper would govern with a majority, we were joined by four people with divergent opinions. Lawrence Martin is a columnist with the Globe and Mail and the author of Harperland: The Politics of Control. Tim Powers is a Conservative strategist. They were both in Ottawa. Gerry Nicholls is a political consultant who worked with Stephen Harper at the National Citizens Coalition. And Judy Rebick is a journalist and activist, as well as the founder of rabble.ca. They were both in Toronto.

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