Canadian Soldiers & Mental Health

The CBC's Nancy Wood brings us the results of her investigation into the psychological problems Canadian soldiers are experiencing when they return from Afghanistan and a disturbing rise in domestic violence that some experts believe is directly connected to the physical and emotional trauma some soldiers have suffered.



It's Thursday, March 31st.

A top U.S. watchdog says the F-35 jets Canada plans to buy will cost more than 100 million dollars each.

Currently, in stealth mode, they can unbalance a budget from 20,000 feet.

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Canadian Soldiers & Mental Health

As they return from Afghanistan, some Canadian soldiers are carrying battle wounds that run very deep. The wounds are psychological. And they can affect everyone in the soldiers' lives.

There has been a disturbing increase in domestic violence in the homes of some returning soldiers. And some experts believe this is the direct result of the physical and emotional trauma that soldiers have experienced in Afghanistan. The CBC's Nancy Wood has been digging into this story. She was in Montreal.

She has also prepared a television documentary on this issue called La Guerre chez Soi for the Radio-Canada program Enquette. It airs tonight at 8 o'clock -- 8:30 in Newfoundland and parts of Labrador.

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