Election Panel

We kick off our coverage of the federal election with former Conservative Member of Parliament Deb Grey, Liberal Senator and former Liberal cabinet minister David Smith and Gerry Caplan, former national director and campaign director for the federal NDP.



It's Monday, March 28th.

Election fever is gripping Canada.

Currently, symptoms include listlessness, depression ... and intense feelings of deja vu.

This is the Current.

Election Panel

Well the first days of the federal election campaign were dominated by the past - an issue tracing back seven years - to coalition talk back in 2004 and coalition talk from about two years ago.

From coalitions to contempt to cash flow .. there are lots of accusations out there. So far little mention of Canada's role in two wars or conflicts - one in Afghanistan, the other now led by a Canadian general in the skies above Libya.

For their thoughts on what's at stake and what's up, we were joined by three people. Deb Grey is a former Conservative Member of Parliament. She was in Qualicum Beach, BC. Liberal Senator David Smith is the co-chair of the Liberal's National campaign and a former cabinet minister under the Trudeau and Turner governments. And Gerry Caplan is former national director and campaign director for the federal NDP. They were both in our Toronto studio.

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Great Moments in Election History

The election of 1917 marked the first time women were allowed to vote in a federal election.

Today more than twenty percent of parliamentarians are women. They're even allowed to sit right behind the prime minister as long as their makeup is done and they don't say anything.

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