The Politics of Budget-Making

We delve into the politics of budget-making with three people who know the subject first-hand. Former Conservative Finance Minister Michael Wilson, former Liberal Finance Minister John Manley and former Saskatchewan NDP Finance Minister Janice MacKinnon.


The Politics of Budget-Making - Panel

On paper, yesterday's budget did promise many things to many people ... in practice it predicted an election. Jim Flaherty isn't the first finance minister who has had to weigh the politics of his budget policies. We were joined by three people with first-hand experience.

Michael Wilson was Finance Minister under Prime Minister Brian Mulroney. He's now the Chairman of Barclays Capital Canada. He was in Toronto. Janice MacKinnon was Saskatchewan's Finance Minister under Premier Roy Romanow. She's now a professor of public policy at the University of Saskatchewan. She was in Saskatoon. And John Manley was Finance Minister under Prime Minister Jean Chretien. He's now the President of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives. And he was in Ottawa.

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