The Non-Budget

We talk to the politicians of the day about the new federal budget and the politics behind it. Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, NDP leader Jack Layton and Liberal finance critic Scott Brison.

Today The Current comes to you from Ottawa with our special coverage of the federal budget.


It's Wednesday March 23rd.

It looks like Canadians will be going to the polls after all three opposition parties announced they will vote against the federal budget.

Currently, The opposition parties say they have no choice but to bring down the government ... And they look forward to doing it again in another three years.

This is The Current.

The Non-Budget - Scott Brison

Despite the best efforts of lobbyists, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty delivered a relatively bare-bones budget yesterday. There are no new tax cuts, no major spending promises and no substantial spending cuts. There's a plan to balance the budget within six years, through economic growth and restrained spending.

And there are small incentives for lots and lots of people ... home-owners, parents, seniors, small-business owners, volunteer fire-fighters, caregivers, Olympic athletes as well as doctors and nurses willing to work in rural areas. But that wasn't enough to satisfy the opposition. All three parties say they will oppose the budget.

Scott Brison is the Liberal Party's Finance Critic. He was in our Ottawa studio.

The Non-Budget - Jim Flaherty

So, as we've heard the budget that likely never will be, did offer bits and pieces to lots of people. And the person distributing the various policy initiatives was the Finance Minister Jim Flaherty. He joined us in Ottawa.

The Non-Budget - Jack Layton

Well the countdown to an election really began yesterday at about 4.45 pm in Ottawa when NDP leader Jack Layton told reporters he could not support the budget. The NDP was the last party to announce its decision but it came much faster than anyone expected. Jack Layton was in Ottawa.

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