Closing in on Benghazi

Libya's Moammar Gadhafi says he is poised to re-take Benghazi and crush an opposition uprising. We hear from a man on the front-lines ... a Libyan-Canadian in Benghazi.


Closing in on Benghazi - Mohammad Ballout

We started this segment with a clip from a member of the National Libyan Transitional Council. That's the rebel-run provisional government that was set up in Benghazi in opposition to Moammar Gadhafi.

A little over a week ago, the opposition controlled much of the country. And it looked like Moammar Gadhafi's days were numbered. But this morning, the situation is very different. Forces loyal to Moammar Gadhafi have recaptured key areas. They are closing in on Benghazi, the opposition's centre of operations. And Gadhafi's supporters predict that Benghazi will fall within 48 hours.

Mohammad Ballout is a reporter with BBC Arabic and he was in Benghazi, Libya this morning.

Closing in on Benghazi - Libyan-Canadian

Ten days ago, we heard from a Libyan-Canadian living in Benghazi. He joined us again this morning. And as before, we are withholding his name to protect his identity.

Closing in on Benghazi - Brian Conley

For yet another perspective on the situation in Benghazi, we reached Brian Conley. He's an American working in Benghazi.

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