Afghan Media: The New Battleground

Independent media are thriving all over Afghanistan with more than 100 radio stations and 25 TV stations now flourishing. But that doesn't mean things are easy. Our documentary this morning takes us on a tour of Afghanistan's independent media landscape.


The New Battleground - Nelofer Pazira

The war in Afghanistan is being fought on many fronts. And now there's a new one to add to the list. Since the Taliban lost control of the country, independent media organizations have flourished. There are more than 100 radio stations and 25 TV stations. They broadcast news, commentary, religious programming and entertainment ... soap operas, movies, variety shows, action, adventure ... everything you'd expect.

But while some of the stations use the airwaves to promote social change, others are promoting their owners politics. This morning freelance documentary producer Nelofer Pazira surveys the media landscape in Afghanistan in her documentary, The New Battleground.

Joy Kogawa on Japan Disaster

Joy Kogawa is an award winning Canadian novelist and poet of Japanese descent. She was one of thousands of Japanese Canadians interred in Canadian prison camps during the Second World War. Much of her writing explores her dual heritage. And we asked her for her thoughts on the events unfolding in the country of her ancestors.

Joy Kogawa novels include Obasan, Emily Kato and The Rain Ascends. Her books of poetry include The Splintered Moon and A Garden of Anchors.

Other segments from today's show:

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